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Dự án ngành năng lượng sử dụng Tua-bin hơi của TGM WEG

Have you ever thought about having a power generation solution for your company to grow at full steam?

If your industry uses steam in the process or has waste available, your company has the potential to generate electricity and be self-sufficient and can also generate new income by selling the surplus. Or if you already have a turbogenerator set in operation and want even more efficiency, also count on WEG solutions.


What are your industry goals?

  • Eliminate waste, reduce environmental impact and be sustainable in green energy?
  • Be self-sufficient and independent from the public grid?
  • Sell your own energy and generate new profits?
  • Reduce costs and become more competitive in the market?
  • Reduce operating costs with high electricity rates?

Whatever your answer to all these questions, WEG has the solutions.

Do you know why WEG is the best choice for your industry?

Because WEG is benchmark in the development of projects that transform energy into solutions. With extensive production capacity and technological expertise, all equipment is manufactured and implemented to meet the requirements of customers of the most different sizes and industries, ensuring high performance and maximum efficiency in production processes.

Trust in the agility and ability of those who go further to always be close to you.

Complete and integrated solution

With the flexible, renewable, integrated and smart solutions up to 200 MVA that WEG can develop and offers everything, from the manufacture and installation of turbogenerator sets, steam turbines, turbo gearboxes, generators, panels, cubicles, substations and accessories to fast and effective after-sales services.

Our supply

  • Engineering/Consulting
  • Feasibility Study with Thermal Balance
  • Turbogenerator Set (Turbine/Gearbox/Generator)
  • Hydraulic System
  • Safety and Control System
  • Panels/Cubicles
  • Substations
  • Accessories
  • Field Services
  • After sales assistance

Application cycles

WEG solutions are applied to steam power generation in combined, Rankine and regenerative, cycles in small to large projects, operating according to low, medium and high pressure/temperature steam conditions.

2 pole Power system

4 Pole Power System

Some installation methods

  • Installation on Metallic Base
  • Installation on Concrete Base
  • Exhaust configurations according to designs and available in radial, full axial and sub axial

Transform your waste into electricity with WEG solutions

WEG develops and implements electric power generation projects of any size, customized and with the same quality and technology, from the initial studies and manufacture to support and implementation.

  • Consulting and Technical Feasibility Studies
  • Heat Balance Studies Engineering
  • System Engineering
  • Turbomachinery Safety and Control Engineering
  • Safe, compact, easy-to-use and low-maintenance products with high operational efficiency levels;
  • Installation services, after-sales monitoring
  • Structure and service 24/7
  • Organization and management based on sustainability guidelines and goals
  • Worldwide recognized company for providing complete and reliable solutions focused on energy efficiency and sustainability


All solutions and equipment are delivered with specialized field services: installation, commissioning, start-up, operation, monitoring and after-sales technical support—an exclusive advantage that increases the market trust in WEG.

Recognized as an expert in clean energy generation, WEG also provides mechanical, electrical and electronic services—such as tune-up, repairs, restoration, overhaul, repowering, retrofit and maintenance—for its own equipment and from other manufacturers, 24/7.

In addition to steam turbines, gearboxes, generators and multipliers, complete solutions are provided covering mechanical, electrical, electronic and digital equipment for Industry 4.0.


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