Steel Industry


Integrated Solutions for Steel Industry

Reliability is an objective for everyone at WEG. Therefore, we are able to provide you with robust products to meet the main needs of the production process. Whether in the coke oven battery, blast furnace, drives, continuous pouring or (of a metal processing) rolling mills. WEG motors, drives, panels and generators are designed to withstand such aggressive environments with excellence.



Efficiency and reliability 

WEG motors easily adapt to the operating requirements of steel plant applications with high efficiency and flexibility in installation and maintenance. They have been designed to meet the electrical and mechanical needs of a steel plant


Industrial Systems Increasing productivity.

Incorporating the most advanced technology available for speed variation and performance at the start and stop of motors, WEG has the complete solution for the most diverse applications in a Steel Plant, allowing control, safety and easy operation.


Excellence in technologies of power supply

Excellence in the technology of energy supply and focus on the customer, combined with the use of high quality raw materials and project customization, give WEG transformers a competitive edge. These features provide better performance of the equipment, considerably reducing maintenance shutdown.


Coatings that offer full protection

High-performance products and excellent anti-corrosive protection are essential to ensure the integrity of machines and equipment in the steel industry. We offer liquid and powder paints that meet the most demanding standards of the sector, from the primer to the top coat, with formulations that meet the needs of the segment.



WEG offers maintenance checks, rework and rerating services of medium and large electrical machines, of its own manufacture or other manufacturers, with flexibility to be performed at the factory or on the field. 


Solutions for Steel & Metal Industry

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