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WEG offers a solution for different material handling systems from low voltage motors for small and auxiliary feeders through to state-of-the-art systems for conveyor belts, continuous excavators, forklifts and reclaimers.




Conveyor belt driving systems

WEG electric motors, drives and energy solutions are ideal for long-distance conveyor belts.  Customised solutions maximise productivity and minimise maintenance, reducing the environmental impact and saving energy.

The systems, which require concentrated energy, use wound rotor induction motors while liquid rheostats are designed to operate in parallel to ensure the same resistance to each of the motors sharing the full load of the conveyor belts.

The CFW11 variable frequency drive line incorporates the most advanced technology in the world for alternate-current three-phase induction motors.  Vectrue™ technology allows the new generation of WEG drives to combine variable frequency, sensorless and closed loop vector (with encoder) control techniques in a single product.  The open-loop vector controls allow high torque and fast dynamic response.  The self-tuning function allows automatic configuration of the drive to adjust it to the motor and load in vector modes.

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